WWE 2K15 : General roster talk – Cut-off dates, current roster issues and duplicate models

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Looking at past mentions from the team behind the games, I’ve been thinking that this thread should be to discuss past rosters and also state the facts about why it isn’t possible for a lot of stuff even though we want it to happen. Hoping that we can share our thoughts on what we’d want to see in future games.

1. The roster should remain true to the current product
This is what I want to see as much as the rest of us but in reality, this isn’t going to happen due to the fact that there are a lot more older fans out there that uses the current games as a release to get away from the current product. But the whole argument of “There’s always Create a Superstar for legends” ends up going full circle 100% of the time with the legends fans in one corner wanting the roster filled with a lot of their favorite superstars from their yesteryear and in the other, current roster elitists saying that this game should represent the 20xx/20xx period of the WWE, not stars from the 80s and 90s.

I go by the old saying “nostalgia sells” which is quite true in the case of sports games. If games like Fight Night and Pro Evolution Soccer didn’t have their legends rosters, they wouldn’t have the same appeal that they have now because fans have their favorites may it be a soccer team from the past (like 1966 England or 1970 Netherlands) or a boxer (like Iron Mike Tyson, Mohammed Ali or Sugar Ray Leonard) that they regularly use. In my case, I regularly use guys like The Rock and Randy Savage when they make appearances in a WWE game while others who are more in tune in the current product probably uses Wade Barrett, CM Punk or Dolph Ziggler more. Sure the industry changes and superstars come and go but the fans shouldn’t be just restricted to the current roster and be forced to make their favorite stars every year. I for one wouldn’t want to keep making The Rock or Randy Savage every year because they weren’t in the game because the game is 100% current with no legends involved.

2. The current development product is getting pushed, we’d like to see more of it in current WWE Games
Again, this is one thing that I can agree on because there’s a lot of stars on NXT that deserves to be in the game like Paige and Emma but the issue is would the gimmick and attire they have on NXT be 100% the same when they move to WWE programming?

Let’s say, tomorrow Emma gets called up and she debuts a new attire with a mean bitch attitude to boot, the one month to make the model, entrances and moves based on her NXT character would be 100% outdated before we’d even get our hands on the game to play as her. The same could be said when they are in NXT too because quite a few superstars regularly changes their gimmicks to see if the one they used would help them get a headstart in their WWE career. Not only that, they may use new moves that they haven’t used the week before as well.

Another thing is that they would be unknowns to a lot of WWE fans because they don’t watch NXT as they don’t bother going on YouTube or Hulu to watch it. I never get the reason behind this but it could be to keep the new superstars a surprise for when they get the call up to the WWE or they have zero interest in it because they see this as not an official WWE product. Maybe with the WWE network being launched, this could encourage them to show some interest in new up and coming superstars that they would want to see more of them, even in video game form.

3. The attire is outdated, they haven’t worn that attire in a while/they’ve changed their attire this week, now the game would be outdated
One thing that I’d like to make perfectly clear, please stop with the threads mentioning attire changes after the games are announced or when they release roster information because nine out of ten times, it’s pretty obvious that each superstar would change their attires up before the game is released or when the roster is announced.

Getting to the point of this is that due to how long it takes to make the superstar and apply the necessary foundations to that superstar (one month per superstar), it’s guaranteed that their attire may be 100% outdated by the time the game comes out as the models may be made months prior to the finalization of the roster.

John Cena is the obvious example of a superstar that is 100% outdated every year where everybody goes on a rampage about because he changes his shirt at WrestleMania and then again before the game is released but we can’t prevent this from happening by saying to him “stop changing the color of your shirt as we want the game to be up-to-date” as things are not as simple as that. The WWE can’t stop this from happening because attire changes makes them money in merchandise sales, which works for them in the long run.

Also, we need to make note that the team works off the resources given to them so if they have images of attires worn at the previous year’s Survivor Series, then that is what we will be getting when the roster is revealed. Nothing can prevent that unless the WWE starts giving the team more up-to-date sources, which is 100% unlikely going to happen.

4. Why can’t we have more alternate attires?/Why isn’t there more superstars on the roster?
The dilemma we face with this is that it takes them up to a month to make a model from scratch in the past which lead to us only getting a few alternate attires and a one or two more superstars a year. Recently, with the current techniques of layering on the attires while maintaining the superstar heads, this process is made a lot quicker but it still takes them one month to make a model from scratch, which makes adding more superstars to the roster more difficult.

This has been brought up quite a lot by past community managers, even by Tank on this very board at one point and as much as I hate to read up on this, it’s is a much proven case with polygon counts increasing with each iteration and graphics getting more and more advanced that it’ll take them a whole deal longer to make models for future WWE games. Whether the roster size would be affected remains to be seen.

Right, this is an area that been a bit of a hot topic over the current years so I will try and go into some detail with this one to state why we have duplicates based on alternate model entrances and alternate attire entrances as well as based on historical accuracy with their stats and movesets using Triple H, Mick Foley & Chris Jericho as examples.

The current issue with alternate attires with different entrances is that the attire entrances cannot be editable or we cannot assign them to other superstars or to our creations, which is a shame really if you think about it since a lot of the motions would work for some of the created superstars that some of us love to create. At least with alternate models, we have the option to change the entrances if we don’t like a particular entrance given to that particular model.

Now to the point of historical changes based on movesets, the obvious shout out would be to note that Chris Jericho never used the Codebreaker during his initial run in the WWE and his moveset was vaguely similar to cruiserweight wrestling in the sense that he used the Lionsault quite a few times. Triple H when he was Hunter Hearst Helmsley, he didn’t use the crotch chop taunt or his Spinebuster follow up taunt while current day Triple H doesn’t use the crotch chop taunt much but he does us the Spinebuster follow up taunt quite a few times. If they were just alternate attires, this wouldn’t be possible to remedy.

Now onto the matter of Mick Foley and his 3 faces. Each face weren’t the same as the previous face in the sense that he changed up his finishers with each (Cactus Jack never using the Mandible Claw as a finisher while Dude Love & Mankind did) and their taunts were respective of each persona (Cactus doing the Bang! Bang! taunt, Mankind usually pulls his hair out and gets Socko out. Dude Love does the knee trembler taunt). We know that if we’d only get Foley with his faces as an alternate attire, each of his four taunt slots would contain those three taunts with his finishers being the DDT and Mandible Claw. Imagine Dude Love using Bang! Bang! taunt while Cactus using the Mandible Claw over the DDT as a finisher? Everybody would go on about how inaccurate it is and they’d go on about having them as separate models until there’s a way to allow us to have all 3 with unique movesets and entrances that we can edit.

By the way, I am not for having duplicate models on the roster but as you can see, the only reason for them is the ability to edit the entrances, stats and movesets to reflect on how they behaved based on their models. Until they find a way for us to edit entrances, stats and movesets for alternate attires, then it’s best for them to keep the models as duplicates over being alternate attires for the current superstars.

6. Divas and legends take up roster slots for current superstars/the jobbers take up roster slots for a better current superstars and legends
I hate to be a bearer of bad news for those who want a completely current roster and they blame it on divas and legends but the thing is that it’s not up to 2K on who makes it and who doesn’t. It’s up to the WWE and they approve which of the current superstars make it in and who should make it in as legends of the WWE games too. The same fact applies to those who thinks David Otunga or Aksana didn’t deserve a place in WWE 2K14 over The Usos and The Funkadactyls.

The term “roster space” is a myth made up by the fans of the games as a way to blame the team behind the game for including those they hate over those they love. It didn’t help them when it was mentioned that it takes the team over a month to create a new model a year either, which made the fans use this term even more. There’s no such thing as “roster space” but the time spent on roster models is determined by the list given back to the team by the WWE.

I’m with some of you guys over some of the guys who make the roster each year over other those that I wanted in but I wouldn’t want those guys not be in at all, I simply don’t use them and move on because I know that there are those who does use them and they would feel the same way if they didn’t make the game.

Divas is always brought up in this discussion a lot because of how the WWE uses them during recent years and to make matters worse, the limitation of cross-gender matches in WWE games doesn’t help their case in why they should be included in the game either since anti-diva fans likes to not use divas in a WWE game while their girlfriends and wives uses them quite a lot and it’s nearly impossible due to this limitation outside of mixed tag team matches. One line that myself, a few other and some of the diva fans out there uses a lot to said haters “As long as there are divas in the WWE, expect them to be included into a WWE game.”

I’m not a fan of a lot of the current divas outside of AJ Lee, Natalya, Kaitlyn, Layla and Cameron but as the superstars I don’t want in, I don’t use them and to all of the diva haters out there, you should do the same too rather than complain about them being in over certain superstars and legends.

7. The roster is outdated since [insert superstar here] didn’t make the cut on the main/DLC roster
We now know the facts of when the roster cut-off point is for both of the DLC and for those who made it as part of the main roster. They determine who makes the cut by April 1st, which is why we didn’t get guys like Big E Langston & Fandango on the main roster but we did get them as DLC at a later point. It’s the same reason why we didn’t get Rob Van Dam, Bray Wyatt and Curtis Axel in any way, shape or form either.

In the past, we’ve had cut off points that were a lot later than that (with Evan Bourne & Ted DiBiase making the DLC cut in SvR09 and Sin Cara making the cut in WWE ’12) so it’s obvious that these points aren’t fixed and they could be changed at any time or this has been proven to be a case of WWE keeping in touch with the team throughout the year to let them know who to include and remove from the game at certain points (which is why Chris Benoit was taken out of SvR08 and Hurricane was taken out of SvR11 perhaps?) This could explain why they say when they were asked about it that there’s no cut-off point for the roster if this is actually the case.

I did expect it when Bray Wyatt didn’t make the cut but not in the case of Curtis Axel since we’ve had guys and divas who has debuted in the middle of April make it in the game in past games, even on the main roster more than they made it as DLC. I’ll leave you guys to decide on if this a case of the WWE not knowing during the time of the roster discussions that they were getting called up, a case of the WWE not keeping the team informed or a case of the team not being in the loop because of how things has changed during the transition from THQ to 2K.

This is all I have to say on the roster, some of the things said here may not be liked by some of you but I hope that you have appreciated the effort behind what I’ve said here and in the future, this would help you understand a lot more why certain superstars don’t make it or why we have more alternate attires and models to actual superstars.

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