WWE 2K15: 10 Ultimate Wishlist Features That Need To Happen

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Make no mistake, WWE 2K14 was a great video game: it had a loaded roster, deep customization features, and the 30 Years of Wrestlemania mode brought back legends from Andre the Giant to Macho Man Randy Savage, as well as iconic DLC additions like Bruno Sammartino (despite two out of three never being expected to appear.)

But, it’s reasonable to say that the game was far from flawless and that there were a few things that could be fixed, were absent, or could be expanded on. The rivalry section in Universe for instance, was a great idea but it seemed a little limited, while the story mode was essentially the same thing it has been for the last 4 years, and the replay value of the game plummeted after finishing the Wrestlemania mode.

Those things aren’t unforgivable, but they do offer a blue-print for where 2K Sports can go next with this year’s inevitable addition to the franchise. With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of the key changes that should be made to WWE 2K15 to continue the good work that the new series developer put in after taking over, in order, crucially, to continue the upward trajectory.

WWE 2K15 should be considered to have the same prestige as a Madden, or NBA2K and that is reflected with these groundbreaking suggested modes, and with the game dropping on next generation systems, there should be PLENTY of new features, and gameplay improvements. This will be 2K’s first year building from the ground up, and they will make an effort to make their debut release one to remember.

As always, remember to comment below, and let’s get into this…

10. Improved Graphics

2K Sports

When we all saw what NBA 2K14 looked like on next-gen, jaws had to be removed from the ground: live sweat, accurate faces, and superior body models were all included, and frankly those sort of graphics need to come to WWE 2K15 immediately.

With the advances offered by the next generation, ’15 would have far more realistic graphics, because, frankly, not every wrestler needs 8-Pack abs. And then just imagine what Daniel Bryan’s beard might look like? Or how about Roman Reigns arms and wet hair? The possibilities are limitless.

The level of detail with the arenas is already phenomenal with the WWE live presentation, but importing a better looking crowd would be the final touch needed to make the arena come to life.

Rather unfortunately, fans of the series had zero tolerance for the graphics presented the last two years, as any cursory scroll through any WWE games forum would confirm. It’s not that 14’s graphics were bad per se, they just reached their full potential on PS3. And now, with the arrival of the XBox One and Playstation 4, that ceiling has been lifted again, and hopefully 2K will go some way to making sure that the fans get the excellence they crave.

9. Improved Commentary

Quite frankly, Jerry Lawler and Michael Cole have been phoning in the same stuff since Smackdown Vs Raw 2011, and because of that, it seems obvious that there should be an option in WWE 2K15 where we could pick which commentary team we wanted.

Who doesn’t want more choices? Want The Miz and Alex Riley? That can be arranged.

It would be a great way for the company to test out potential commentary teams for actual broadcasts. If you want to go vintage without Michael Cole, roll out Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler with Howard Finkel doing introductions.

Fundamentally, 2K need to throw out all of the old commentary and start afresh, which is perhaps easier said than done, but in the words of HHH “It’s best for business!”

The commentary has become somewhat redundant over the years, and once again, the developers need to look at another model for inspiration. In NBA 2K, the commentary is constantly updated throughout the season, and adding that to WWE 2K15 would be a tremendous improvement for exhibition mode, if not some of the new modes suggested in this article.

If the content from the announcers was integrated with face and heel turns, and current news about superstars, WWE 2K15 could have something special on its hands. If this kind of commentary can happen in other sports games, there is no good reason WWE cannot compete in that arena.

8. Expanded Superstar Heads/Roster Updates/Customization

2K Sports

In 2K14, we got a taste of the superstar heads feature, and creators everywhere rejoiced as they got half the work done for them, when creating custom versions of their favourite superstars. It was a strong move, and a lot of players instantly fell in love with creating different attires for each guy.

But, if last year was the sample, this year needs to be the whole buffet. Everyone and everything needs to be customizable: if we wanted to put Chris Jericho’s jacket on The Undertaker, it should be able to happen. Not being able to touch the heads is ok, (in fear of trolls defacing each superstar) but every other part of superstars should be fair game because superstars are constantly evolving, and customisation is one of the most fiercely in demand features in any successful franchise.

In another reference from NBA 2K, a player that begins wearing a headband will be reflected in the next roster update, and since 2008, live in season roster updates have happened to reflect trades, and player overall ratings. This would be an excellent feature to assimilate into WWE 2K15 this year, if they based it on the momentum a current superstar has, and while it’s probably a lot to ask for a wrestling game seeing as there is truly no off season, creating a cutoff day in June could give developers enough time to keep the current game fresh and develop the next one.

7. More CPU Killer Instinct

2K Sports

In WWE 2K14, The Undertaker’s “Beat The Streak” mode was met with rave reviews, and justifiably so, as it took us back to the days of fighting the unbeatable end boss, back when that was actually a difficult thing to do.

One thing Undertaker had in that mode was a killer instinct, never displayed by the CPU before – he would try to defeat you at all costs, and beating him was not easy, to the extent that the Rematch button probably saw more action than Daniel Bryan’s beard comb. If that nature of game-play was expanded to the rest of the roster, gamers would have to get better in a hurry, and that can only be counted as a good thing. The lights going out, and the opposition having 2 finishers on standby doesn’t have to happen, but make it more realistic. In the long run, it would add replay value to the game; produce better matches and a bigger challenge for players.

There are regular and epic settings, but the epic setting led to matches that were just too long. It took too long to get your finishers, and they didn’t seem to do as much damage as the CPUs, and there were times when Undertaker would win in 5 minutes. Eventually mastering the reversal system was the key to regularly beating Undertaker, and if expanded, this style of CPU fighting would be a major improvement.

6. Introduction Of Virtual Currency


The introduction of Virtual Currency would eliminate the need for any DLC. VC is essentially an in-game purchase system, where users could make their experience exactly what they want it to be. No way would they just GIVE out additional content, something must be exchanged. And as a bonus to players, gone would be the extra 3 month wait to have the entire roster at their disposal.

Naturally, VC could be acquired by winning matches, earning a high star rating (more on that later) winning titles, or paying for it the old fashioned way.

VC would be used for everything in the game – building up skills for created characters in a MyWrestler style mode more of which very soon,) unlocking certain arenas, and purchasing legends or hidden characters. VC adds replay value to the game, and at the same time potentially could make game developers more money than a season pass. Conversely, one could sell some unlocked items back to the in game store for additional VC.

You have to suspect that selling Vince McMahon on this idea wouldn’t be hard at all – it keeps the money flowing from anyone that wanted to purchase it all at once or a little at a time. And on the other side, it gives users a sense of control.

5. Star Ratings/Point System

2K Sports

Another improving part about Beat The Streak mode that came as an innovation was the point system, which encouraged players to win while having the best and most exciting match possible. Quite why it wasn’t brought across to the rest of the game seems baffling considering how much it improved the gameplay experience.

And frankly, it needs to come to WWE 2K15 in a big way. Factors such as where a match took place would have to be taken into consideration – a Universe Mode WWE World Heavyweight title match at Wrestlemania, would mean more than an exhibition match at the Monday Night Raw arena for example, a player would have to work harder to earn more points in a small arena.

The higher the rating/points, the more VC one could be awarded, and defeating The Undertaker in a Hell in a Cell match, winning the WWE Championship, or even a valiant effort in defeat could see extra points given. Beating Heath Slater however, lowers the possible points one can get, and that means that every decision has to be considered as a tactical choice.

The scores would be exported to an online leader board, and users could be given the option to upload the match for others to watch. How many times have you had an all-time classic that no one else saw? Incorporating the upload process with YouTube would be a great option.

4. Personalized Selling Animations

2K Sports

Dolph Ziggler and most other wrestlers on the roster do not sell or execute moves the same way – similar to NBA 2K, in which players have different shot releases, wrestlers could have different selling animations, or ways to execute moves.

How about that John Cena dropkick? What about CM Punk’s top rope elbow? They will both be here. This adds to the feel of the game, while giving wrestlers their own personal touch. Not every single wrestler needs their own animations; they could be generalized into big man, athletic, small guy, etc. The very best sellers would have their own such as, Seth Rollins, Dolph Ziggler, Daniel Bryan, Brock Lesnar, CM Punk and more. If they were able to get a Rollins or Ziggler to do motion capture, fans would see the most realistic game ever.

Unfortunately, The Great Khali doesn’t take any bumps so he wouldn’t be personalized, although his walk could be seen as a form of painful selling. While we’re talking about animations, these glitches have to end. Irish whipping your opponent shouldn’t lead to him running out of the arena. We probably shouldn’t be able to stick our whole arm through an opponent’s stomach, unless that’s a new vile finishing maneuver. Name your biggest glitches below.

3. My Promotion

EA Sports

Now for the heavyweight stuff.

This would be WWE’s version of the popular Ultimate Team modes seen in Madden or NBA 2K14, where you would start with a basic roster with a few top guys, and a lot of low card guys. Playing the offline mode and earning more VC, would unlock better wrestlers and arenas to complete your dream promotion. The pressure would be on the user to keep the roster fresh, and championship scene exciting.

There could be an online element where you would meet an opponent, and book your rosters to face off for additional VC, or even their prized talent. There could be a world where one roams in an open online environment like a GTA, and challenges potential opponents. Higher ranked players could always challenge lower ranked ones, although the risk is higher and reward is inevitably less for a victory. This would be a great way to fast track beginners that were great players, as well as make sure high ranked players still challenged themselves.

How much is your promotion worth in VC and assets? Why has it taken this long to develop an Ultimate Team mode for Wrestling? It’s pretty clear that fans would love this mode, and pour money into it in order to acquire the right assets.

2. My Wrestler

2K Sports

Along with My Promotion comes My Wrestler, which would be strictly a creation mode for building a sports entertainer from the ground up, to quote JBL. Similar to the My Player modes in baseball or basketball games, you would begin as an unknown wrestler attempting to go up the WWE ladder. VC could earn users attributes in promo ability, in-ring skill, and heel or face talent etc, and they could send your wrestler to NXT for further development, and have training sessions at the WWE Performance centre.

In the training, there could be classes taught by wrestlers on the roster – like Promo class with Dusty Rhodes, or a 5 star match class with Shawn Michaels – in which doing well could earn their friendship, and potential alliance. Conversely, struggling in the mode could bury you, and delay your call up to the main roster.

It would be on the user to determine which skills will take them to the main event the fastest. For the best experience, users could be given an aging option which they could turn on or off, where they experience a prime, and begin to trade in certain skills for others as they begin to lose certain abilities or juice with the fans. This would be a great way to see what superstars go through when transitioning gimmicks.

1. Merge Universe And Story Mode Into “The Federation” Mode

2K Sports

Welcome to the granddaddy of them all, The Federation Mode.

Gone is the randomness of Universe, and also the clunky story mode, as we take the best of both modes, scrapping the fat and creating something entirely new and much better? The Federation would be a rolling yearly season like Universe, but there would be actual years attached to the calendar that would end at Wrestlemania. It would be available to be played for 15 seasons in order to retire aging stars, and create new ones.

Users would be able to add 3-4 wrestlers per year in lieu of older stars retiring or wanting fresh faces on the card. You could turn a superstar’s retirement into more VC, by having a great last match with him. Imagine taking Dolph Ziggler to the main event of Wrestlemania, if you built his skills correctly.

It switches up the feeling of redundancy that Universe sometimes creates. The cut scenes from story mode could be manually inserted into each broadcast, so the user has full control rather than relying on the CPU to pick the right one. Enhancing the rivalry option is a must as well.

Last year was a good starting point, but selecting the scenes you want would be a welcome addition. Additionally, a user’s My Wrestler could be imported, as well as any downloaded characters, while full statistics would be recorded, as well as a Twitter timeline gauging reactions to the show.

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