WWE 2K14: 10 New Catch Finishers Added, ‘OMG’ moments and more

Official WWE 2K14 Cover* ‘Catch Finishers’ are being expanded, with 10 new ones already being added. Finishers can be performed on running opponents or opponents that are in the air. Environmental ‘OMG’ moments are back, with many new additions. Specific characters, like John Cena and Ryback, and perform their finishers to multiple wrestlers at the same time (ie. Ryback having 2 guys on his back for Shell Shocked).

* Wrestlers now move slightly faster, with more fluid movement animations. Additionally, running speed accelerates, instead of being a constant speed.

*After a big slam, a wrestler will look down and tell his opponent to get up. During lengthy matches, wrestlers will wipe off sweat or adjust wrist or arm bands. While small, they do enhance the authenticity of each match, making WWE 2K14 feel more like the real thing than ever before.

*Also added are catapult finishers, which are similar to the catch finishers of last year (which still also remain in the game) but now you can do them on offensive side instead of the defensive side. I did both The Rock’s and Shawn Michaels’ catapult finishers, which look incredible. They are very easy to pull off, pressing LB/L1 then pressing Y/Triangle while they are in the air. There are 10 new ones, and everyone who had a catch finisher last year has a catapult finisher this year. This new addition will come in handy when you know your opponent has a finisher stored as they will have to think twice about just barreling after you.

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